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Welcome to Queen Elizabeth Grammar School Penrith

This is a busy, happy and successful school with well motivated and conscientious pupils, a highly experienced and committed teaching staff, and outstanding parental support. We have a very clear recognition here between teachers and pupils that we are on the same side, we are working together. We all share the same vision to do our best to ensure that everyone achieves their full potential in the time they are in the school. Queen Elizabeth Grammar School is about taking the best aspects of the traditional grammar school ethos and blending them with the most useful elements of good practice in modern education.

The grammar school ethos is about offering an academic curriculum, encouraging our pupils to have high aspirations and working in a disciplined environment which has a high regard for the community, for honesty and mutual respect. There is considerable extra-curricular provision in sport and the performing and creative arts. We also have an extensive programme of educational visits. 





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