Year 7 Admissions

Thank you for considering Queen Elizabeth Grammar School for the next stage in your child’s education.

Pupils will be selected for a place at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School on the basis of their aptitude for the academic nature of the education offered at the school, such selection being by way of evidence of aptitude from the entrance test. All who are considering applying for a place at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School should fill in the school’s own entrance test application form and return it to Queen Elizabeth Grammar School. Please note that this does not replace the Local Authority online preference form (SA3) which must also be completed, otherwise a valid application will not have been made.

Please refer to the Admissions Policy for further information. 

Please note that in the unlikely event of a candidate sitting the same test at more than one centre, the first result only will count.

September 2019 Entry

School Tour Request Deadline 9 February 2018 12 noon
School Tours    19-23, 26-27 February 2018
Information and Application packs available  19 Feburary 2018
Open Evening 21 June 2018 5.30 - 7.30pm
Application Deadline 25 June 2018 12 noon
Entrance Test 15 September 2018 8.45 am - 4 pm


Information and Application

File name Date Size
Entrance Test Familiarisation Booklet 2019 Entry 25-06-2018 1.41 MB
Year 5 Open Evening Booklet 25-06-2018 3.15 MB
Late Applicant - Test Application Form 2019 Entry 25-06-2018 204.12 KB
FAQs 2019 Entry 13-12-2017 261.23 KB
Admissions Policy 2019/2020 13-12-2017 220.56 KB
Welcome Letter 2019 Entry 13-12-2017 1.75 MB
School Tour Request 2019 Entry 10-01-2017 257.44 KB

Late Application Form for testing 14-11-2018 204.36 KB



Information and Application packs will be available for collection at the end of the School Tours. Alternatively you can access all the information above, collect a pack from reception, or request a pack via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or telephone: 01768 864621 from 19 February 2018. Please include your full name and address.

 September 2018 Entry


Entrance Test Results - Important Information

Offer letters for the Year 7 intake into Queen Elizabeth Grammar School for 2018 have been issued to all relevant parents/carers. We have phrased the letters to provide sufficient information for parents/carers to make a well informed choice about the best way to complete the Cumbria County Council SA3 form. The letter is not an offer of a place in itself; the SA3 form has to be completed and submitted by the deadline. Please take note of the fact that the equal preference scheme operated by the County Council means that you do not prejudice your chance of a place at any other school if you place Queen Elizabeth Grammar School as your first option but do not consequently get a place. 

In accordance with our admissions policy, which can be viewed on our website, we will not be issuing any further information about rank order or test score. We believe this information is unnecessary and influences the mindset of students and can be detrimental to their performance. 

Mr Paul Buckland


 Applications have now closed for 2018 entry


Information and Application packs available     1 June 2017
Open Evening 12 July 2017 5:30 - 8 pm
School Tour Request Deadline 5 September 2017 12 noon
Application Deadline 15 September 2017 12 noon
School Tours 11-15 September 2017
Entrance Test 7 October 2017 8.45 am - 4 pm
National Offer Day 1 March 2018
Reallocation Day 28 March 2018
Discovery Day 5 July 2018
Discovery Day Parents' Evening 5 July 2018 7pm
First Day of Term 5 September 2018


Discovery Day Information

Discovery Day booklet 2017 06-07-2017 738.31 KB


New Student Information

School Day 2017 28-06-2017 170.41 KB
Calculator order form 12-07-2017 178.36 KB
Dictionary order information 12-07-2017 441.2 KB
Sample Menus 2017 28-06-2017 135.76 KB
Opro mouthguards 2017 28-06-2017 534.5 KB
Parentmail 2017 06-07-2016 276.81 KB
Behaviour policy 2017 18-05-2016 462.41 KB
Art packs 2017 02-09-2014 250.59 KB
Friends of QEGS 2017 02-09-2014 335.87 KB
Music lessons 2017 02-09-2014 335.61 KB
Uniform 2017 02-09-2014 201.18 KB
Equipment, Second-hand uniform, Maths shop 2017 02-09-2014 200.17 KB
Key routines 2017 02-09-2014 191.33 KB
Safeguarding 2017 02-09-2014 227.5 KB


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