“I have gained a real insight into what it is like in the world of marketing” was 14-year-old Isabella Sharrock’s reaction at the end of an Enterprise Day with an environmental theme at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School. The day had been organised with the help of local firm Sundog Energy Ltd, dealing with a wide range of renewable products.  Alison Brunsdon, a member of Sundog’s sales team: “Shading is a problem we encounter on many sites when designing and installing solar photovoltaic systems”.  She set the students the task of pitching for the contract to market a “new product” designed to cut down the energy loss experienced when part of a photovoltaic panel is in the shade.

All year 10 students were released from their normal timetables for a day to devise marketing strategies, write webpages, create advertising material and design packaging. They had to make sure that all aspects of their work reflected the environmentally friendly character of the product. Their day culminated in trying to persuade Sundog to “employ” their marketing company.

The students clearly enjoyed the day, particularly the opportunity to create a radio advert for which they were able to work with a recording specialist. Many commented on the valuable opportunity to gain and practise leadership skills.  Alison Brunsdon was very impressed with the students’ work and attitude: “it was an inspirational and enjoyable day for everyone.   Geoff Devlin, our Marketing and Communications Manager,  and I were very impressed with the wide range of designs and ideas presented before us.”


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