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The Friends of QEGS is the parent body of Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, so includes everyone with a child at the school. The committee are just the current caretakers of the group- no more qualified for the role than any other parent- and we rely heavily on support from all of you. We see our role simply as helping in any way we can. This can be serving teas and coffees at school events, helping run the uniform shop and organising social events. Fundraising is also a large part of the group’s role- we look to help the school raise money to buy those items they cannot buy through normal funding, but which makes for a better experience for our children during their years at QEGS.

We meet approximately once a month at the school – usually in the evening at 7pm in E1 (above the sports hall).  We try to post the dates well in advance on the website and send out reminders through ParentMail. These meetings are usually attended by the Headmaster, or one of his Deputies, and last about 90 minutes. We discuss anything that needs to be discussed, get an update on events at the school, and make plans for upcoming events.

Uniform Shop

This is run by Mrs Lawson, one of the school Librarians, with help from FQEGS. It is a useful way for parents to re-cycle their old uniform and raise funds for the school in the process.  So if you have any uniform that your child has grown out of but is still in good condition, please do consider donating it to the school uniform shop- simply drop it off at Reception. You may also be able to buy replacement items at a fraction of the price of new kit. Again, this can be done any time through reception.

Numbers Club

This is an on-going fundraiser that starts at the beginning of each year. A little like the lottery, you buy a number for £25 at the beginning of the year and we hold 10 draws throughout the year.  We undertake to give half the money raised back in prizes, while the other half is given to the school. This year there are 5 prizes each draw, ranging from £40 down to £20. You can buy as many numbers as you wish, at any time of the year, though evidently the earlier you buy them the better your chances of winning something. Look out for the email and entry forms in September or contact one of us (email overleaf) for more information.


This is a simple way to raise money for the school if you would like to help but have limited time or little inclination, to attend events. Attached are instructions on how it works- but the principal is simple- if you do any internet shopping and your choice of retailer is registered with easyfundraising, do your shopping through the easyfundraising website and the retailer will donate a percentage of your bill to the school. It costs you nothing but is a great way to donate to your chosen charity. We have only been promoting it for 6 months but have so far raised over £450 and hope to get more people involved as time passes.


2017-2018 Committee


Sandra Glassford

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Alison Almond

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Lucinda Weymouth

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Tracey Holiday


Clare Glassford

David White

Numbers Club

Sarah Thomas

Clare McKeown

Uniform Shop

Kimberley Lawson (Librarian)


Barring any disasters (!) we will remain in post until the next AGM, at the end of the calendar year, when fresh elections will be held.

You can contact FQEGS through our dedicated email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or through the contact details above if you need to liaise with someone specific.





FQEGS Meetings

FQEGS Fundraisers

School Support

March 2018


Monday 12th 7pm E1


April 2018



Tuesday 7pm E1


May 2018



 Tuesday 7pm E1


June 2018




 Tuesday 7pm E1






Year 5 Open Evening & Creative Arts Evening

July 2018

Date tbc


Colour Run – a Friday evening


Sept. 2018





FQEGS Welcome Meeting 7pm E1




 School Year 7 parents Welcome Evening - FQEGS provide refreshments

School Sponsored Walk - FQEGS provide refreshments

October 2018



Meeting 7pm E1


November 2018





 Meeting 7pm E1




GCSE Awards Evening - FQEGS provide refreshments

Christmas Fayre

December 2018



AGM - Sixth Form Common Room


January 2019





Meeting 7pm E1



A Level Awards Evening - FQEGS provide refreshments

February 2019



Meeting 7pm E1



March 2019





Meeting 7pm E1


Quiz Night


April 2019



Meeting 7pm E1


May 2019



Meeting 7pm E1


June 2019



Meeting 7pm E1


July 2019



Meeting 7pm E1



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