The school has an ongoing programme of taking year 12 students on expeditions to remote parts of the globe.   These expeditions should in no way be regarded as either ‘normal ’ school trips or holidays, but are designed to fully stretch students and take them well outside their comfort zones.  For example, much of the in-country organisation/ budgeting is left to the students and food and accommodation can be expected to be very basic and often of an ‘unusual’ nature.  These expeditions are very much about giving our students the chance to learn about themselves, other people and the wider world they live in.

Students should expect to fund-raise to meet the costs of expeditions themselves and we try to discourage parents or guardians from providing large financial contributions.  This way the emphasis shifts towards the expedition group becoming creative with ideas and organising fundraising logistics themselves.  To us, this ‘fund raising phase’ is as important an aspect of the students’ learning and development as the final expedition itself.

We always ask that all students apply formally in writing for an expedition place and they will then be interviewed by two members of the teaching staff.  This is not designed to intimidate students but to ensure they have a realistic understanding of the nature of expeditions and the demands of fundraising.   Students need to convince us to take them on expedition the same way they need to convince universities to accept them.  As such, our application procedure is also excellent practice for degree course applications.

Quotes from Former Expedition Members.

‘I made so many close friends who I would have never even spoken to at school’

‘Malawi was quite possibly the best two weeks of my life.  It has improved my confidence and inspired me to think about working in a developing country as part of a medical career’

‘To say I came back a totally different person would be a lie, but the expedition definitely changed my outlook and provided me with skills and experiences I would never have had otherwise’

‘The expedition inspired me to organise my own adventures and to see more of the world and its different cultures’

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