Chair of Governors  - Mrs Tine Boving-Foster
Vice Chair of Governors - Mr Martyn Worrall
Chair of Education and Standards - Mr Charlie Hansford
Chair of Finance & Pay - Mrs Karen Rae
Clerk to the Governors - Miss Rachael McMann 



End of Term of Office






Mr Charlie Hansford 



 By Statute

Education & Standards

Staff Appeals

Pupil Discipline

 Link with Local Authority and English.

Mr Paul Buckland





Education & Standards

Finance & Pay

 Whole School

Mrs Karen Rae


Certified Accountant (Charity Specialist)


 Finance & Pay

Link with Maths

Risk Review

Statutory Accounts

Mr Allen Martin


Joint Head of Sixth Form


 Finance & Pay


Ms Joanne Mills


Chief Officer, Cumbria Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs


Education & Standards


 Link with Sixth Form.



Mrs Tine Boving Foster


B&B Owner


Education & Standards

 Teaching and Learning


 Link with ICT and RE.

Mr Alastair Worth


Head of Sport


 Education & Standards


Mr Rob Shephard


I.T. Consultant


 Finance & Pay

Link with SEND.

Mr Michael Bauer


Principal at Cumbria Employment Solicitors


 Education & Standards


Mr Justin Ray


Justin Ray Ltd (Corporate Finance Consultant)




Finance & Pay


Mr Paul Airey


Director Cumbria Family Law Firm




Finance & Pay


Mr Martyn Worrall


 Former Headteacher (secondary) & Inspector of Education




Education & Standards


Mr Glenn Miller





Finance & Pay


Health & Safety

Dr Jean Jenkins






Education & Standards



Miss Rachael McMann


Former Human Resources Manager and member of Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development (CIPD)


 Clerk to the Govenors

Education & Standards

Finance & Pay

Staffing Committee

Staff Appeals

Pupil Discipline Committee

Risk Review Group

 Prepares and circulates all meeting papers including agendas and minutes.

Advises the GB on procedural matters.

Advises on changes in Governance.


What Do Governors Do

  • Ensure clarity of vision, ethos & strategic direction.
  • Hold the Headmaster and Senior Management Team to account for the educational performance of the school and its students.
  • Oversee the financial performance of the school and make sure its money is well spent.

Within QEGS we achieve this through half termly meetings of Full Governors and its two sub-committees which deal in detail with the two main aspects of the governing body’s work. Each governor also acts a link between a specific department and the governing body.

Our Committees

Education and Standards

1. To monitor and review achievment, progress and attainment of students and groups of students at all levels.

2. To keep under review the school's cuuriculum and ensure it complies with statutory obligations and is consistent with the aims and ethos of the school.

3. To ensure the highest possible standards of safety and well-being for all students and staff.

4. Ensure Special Educational Needs of pupils are identified and adequately resourced by reviewing and monitoring.

5. To consider and keep under review the school's pastoral care and Behaviour Policy.

6. To monitor and review the quality of the learning and the quality of the teaching of the curriculum.

7. Enusre all Pupils' Records are being correctly maintained and secured and ensure pupils' welfare, discipline and attendance are adequately managed by reviewing and monitoring.

8. To comment on, help prepare and monitor the relevant sections of the Quality Improvement Plan and ensure that requirements for capital expenditure, staffing and other resources, necessary to deliver the above, are referred to the Finance and Pay Subcommittee or the Full Governing Body for consideration.

9. Ensure the effective Human Resource management of the teaching staff by reviewing and monitoring and report on this to the Governing Body at least once a year.

10. Ensure that pupil related Appeals and Complaints are adequately dealt with by the school monitoring and reviewing.

11. To review and monitor the impact of those policies as indicated on the Governors' Annual Plan.

12. Receive Link Governor reports and review quality of learning.


Finance & Pay (inclusive of buildings and maintenance)

Subject to applicable statutory requirements, the committee is authorised:

1. To carry out duties as set out in the Academy’s Financial Handbook.

2. To ensure prudent management of all aspects of academy finances.

3. To produce & manage a three year rolling finance plan & budget in association with the Head of Finance & Head Teacher.

4. To maintain the pay policy and review this on an annual basis.

5. To approve any salary increase for the Head following recommendations from the Headteachers Performance Review Group .

6. To receive an annual report from the Headteacher regarding the pay implications of the annual staff review process.

7 To ensure that the School Improvement Plan includes all aspects of capital expenditure, staffing and other resources, in association with the Education & Standards Committee or the full Governing Body for consideration.

8. To ensure that the academy estate provides an environment consistent with the educational aims of the establishment.

9. To ensure effective management of Human Resources associated with the above.

10. To carry out the role of the Audit Committee.

11. To ensure effective management of Health and Safety throughout the school.


You can contact any of our Governors via the Clerk to the Governors at:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or by post to:

Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Ullswater Road, Penrith, CA11 7EG

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Full Governors

Full Governor Minutes 12/07/2019 24-09-2019 192.14 KB
Full Governor Minutes 09/05/2019 11-09-2019 111.85 KB
Full Governor Minutes 07/03/2019 10-05-2019 120.37 KB
Full Governor Minutes 31/01/2019 08-04-2019 240.1 KB
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Full Governor Minutes 12/10/2017 06-02-2018 253.81 KB
Full Governor Minutes 07/12/17 16-03-2018 290.79 KB

Education and Standards

Education and Standards Minutes 07/02/2019 21-06-2019 174.84 KB
Education & Standards Minutes 22/11/2018 02-04-2019 259.38 KB
Education and Standards Minutes 27/09/2018 02-04-2019 162.3 KB
Education & Standards Minutes 04/07/2018 22-01-2019 88.67 KB
Education and Standards Minutes 25/04/2018 17-07-2018 276.92 KB
Education and Standards Minutes 07/02/2018 08-05-2018 193.64 KB
Education & Standards Minutes 27/09/2017 08-02-2018 179.33 KB
Education and Standards Minutes 22/11/2017 23-02-2018 339.25 KB

Finance and Pay

Finance & Pay Minutes 29/04/2019 11-09-2019 304.8 KB
Finance and Pay Minutes 24/06/2019 23-09-2019 251.93 KB
Finance and Pay Minutes 25/02/2019 30-04-2019 161.51 KB
Finance and Pay Minutes 12/11/2018 02-04-2019 248.97 KB
Finance & Pay Minutes 01/10/2018 08-04-2019 259.81 KB
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Finance and Pay Minutes 13/11/2017 16-03-2018 246.98 KB
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